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Saving Money and Staying Safe with Automated HVAC Systems


Automated HVAC Systems

When certain technologies evolve over time, their adoption rate in varying industries can directly impact the bottom line of any organization.  The HVAC industry is gigantic, which can accelerate the acceptance and usage of new technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, or operate more efficiently. 

The True Cost of HVAC

Building automation, and more specifically, HVAC automation has been a priority for many organizations looking for ways to reduce costs and energy consumption.  Utilities are expensive, which can inflate part of an organization’s overhead costs.  When overhead costs can be reduced, a company can produce a product for less and achieve higher profitability!

Most people understand the general function of an HVAC system: heat or cool air and move that air though a system of ducts covering a number of rooms and/or floors in a building.  Simple to understand, yet not so simple to make efficient.

An individual can go around closing vents or dampers in areas where air flow is not as important, but doing so would be an immense task in a multi-floor office building.

More Than Just Hot Air

Automated HVAC systems have the ability to not only maintain a schedule of temperatures for the most efficient heating or cooling, but now have a full-blown system architecture that combines powerful sensors, controllers, gateways, and user interfaces — all to deliver precise control and monitoring of an HVAC system. 

Web-enabled devices take this level of control even beyond the physical walls of a building and report critical information to a user.  Over time, systems even learn where further efficiencies can be achieved, and will adjust automatically.  Fighting over the temperature of the thermostat could become a thing of the past!

Blowing Smoke

When trying to reduce costs and reach higher profitability, many organizations are now looking into ways to reduce overheadwhich may be easier to control than beating down suppliers for better pricing.

In an industrial environment where production takes place, quite often there can be harmful exhaust or toxic fumes that need to be properly ventilated and/or filtered out of a facility.  Instead of a welder turning on a ventilation system because it's about to get hazy, automated HVAC systems rely on delicate sensors and transmitters to monitor the air quality and provide targeted ventilation only when triggered. 

This is just another way automation of an HVAC system adds efficiency in utility consumption, while also adding a safety factor by eliminating human error.

AHUs & BTUs for Me and You

There's no denying the importance of an HVAC system for your personal comfort and avoidance of dangerous fumes, but now more than ever, organizations are realizing the importance of an automated HVAC system and the broad financial impact it can have.

PanelShop.com has combined exceptional quality in panel building with the industry knowledge and product catalog of alpscontrols.com to deliver ideal HVAC control panel solutions.  If you are interested in learning more or finding a custom solution for you, contact us!


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