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6 Elements to Integrated Building Automation



Control systems with custom HVAC panels, remote access, and data collection are just a few of the paths to improve the efficiency of industries and move towards more advanced automation technology.  It is important to integrate both the new machines and manufacturing processes along with connecting these machines with networks so that data can be communicated quickly between machines that are connected.  As controllers and new technology becomes more digitalized, it can be a huge advantage to connect these machines through a combination of automation and information technology.

There are 6 things to consider when updating your manufacturing:
  1. Customizable control systems
  2. Integration possibilities
  3. Safety
  4. Remote access features
  5. HMI possibilities
  6. Data Tracking


1.  Control Systems

As networks and machines become more integrated together and data needs to be transferred through different groups of machines, the network becomes more complicated.  These networks need to be laid out in ways that they can all work together in the most efficient way for the manufacturer's specific needs.

On the more basic side of these networks is the lighting, temperature control, and energy usage of the factory.  Lighting and HVAC units use the most energy in buildings.  By connecting and implementing systems for these utilities, the systems will be able to be run only when they are needed and turned off or lowered when workers are not in the facility.  This will save companies energy and costs of power.

2.  Integration Possibilities

By integrating more automation, the need for as many workers to be on the floor will decrease.  This is not only safer to have fewer bodies around the machines, but will improve the efficiency of production. Staff will be able to monitor more stations from a central location, which will also improve the ability to communicate errors or failures in systems.

The connection of these systems will also help improve the efficiency of the buildings by not only allowing systems to be monitored more effectively, but also being able to shut down machines that are not being used.

3.  Safety

Automated systems allow for more safety figures to be integrated such as fire systems and security.  Systems such as HVAC, lighting, elevator control, and security can be set up to help ensure safety for employees, equipment and systems respond quickly in case of emergency.  Examples can include video surveillance and sprinkler systems that are centrally controlled can be monitored and set off in a more efficient response time.

4.  Remote Access

Wireless communication allows for more access to machines from further away and also accessing data from a central location.  If a company has less staff working the floor, then the remaining employees must monitor more stations at once.  Remote access allows companies to take control panels on the go and check machines while walking on the floor.  

To save money, companies take this a step further and allow employees to use their own tablets and smart devices to load information through HMI interfaces.

5.  HMI Possibilities

HMI is currently phasing out PC’s and main control systems because while HMI software accomplishes the same task, it is more flexible software.  Custom HMI panels can be connected across computers, tablets, and smart phones.  This flexibility to be accessed on mobile devices allows for more control from the floor and changes to be made as servicemen walk around checking machines.

6.  Data Tracking

Companies will have better access to how efficiently their systems are running by developing networks and using HMI interfaces.  Employers will not need to be on site of these manufactures to view data and collect the process and quality of products.  HMI will give the larger companies the ability to access information from remote locations more readily, which will improve quality and efficiency.


Improve Building Automation

Overall combining automation with IT will allow for more efficient production and allow companies to save money and energy.  To find out how your company can keep up with HMI panel technology and automation, contact one of the experts at PanelShop.com and get a quote on your next custom control panel within 48 hours:

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