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The Evolutionary Nature of PLC

Posted by PanelShop.com on Apr 17, 2018 9:02:12 AM

Rule number 1 for Evolution: it never happens instantly.

The evolution of automation hardware, specifically the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has followed a gradual timeline, and has shown how features adapt to cater for advanced requirements. The past decade has seen the demise of several third-party software developers who created programs for hardware vendors. Still, several vendors still think automation resides within a box rather than within distributed components, which is keeping the pace of evolution in check.

But what about the mighty PLC, which has been the cornerstone of automation for decades? Has it evolved as well?

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Topics: PLCs, Remote I/O

Remote I/O becomes Smaller, Faster, Customizable and Intelligent

Posted by PanelShop.com on Nov 27, 2017 1:09:22 PM

Remote I/O modules have been an integral part of the industrial world for decades. Whether there’s need for receiving sensory data or for sending actuator commands, remote I/O modules have always been there to make sure your automation scheme works. Today, this technology is undergoing changes, it’s becoming better, smaller, faster and more intelligent.

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Topics: Custom Control Panels, Remote I/O

Should you Consider an Embedded HMI?

Posted by PanelShop.com on Nov 2, 2017 12:22:46 PM

HMIs serve as gateways to multitude of hardware & software ranging from servers to I/O devices to controllers, etc. Since the dawn of industrial robotics, OEMs have been using embedded controls in their machines. Today, these embedded controls have transformed into embedded HMIs, platforms that contain a display along with an embedded OS (Windows, Linux, etc.), as well as a programming software to allow users to customize the robot’s functionalities according to their needs.

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Topics: HMI Panels, Remote I/O

Understanding Automation Selection Criteria

Posted by PanelShop.com on Oct 25, 2017 2:56:40 PM

The PLC Evolution

Dick Morley introduced the industrial world to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a tool that would revolutionize the automation landscape for decades to come. The PLC was seen as a savior in the industrial world, which relied heavily on switch gears and relay boxes for routine activities. The PLC has room for evolution unlink any other automotive device which has made it so susceptible to changing technological standards.

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Topics: PLCs, Industrial Automation, Future Industry Trends, Remote I/O

To Fuse or Not to Fuse Individual I/O Points?

Posted by PanelShop.com on Sep 13, 2017 2:08:37 PM

The protection of individual I/O points is as important as the protection of any other control device. The use of fuses is one of the most fundamental decisions that needs to be taken by a protection engineer to ensure maximum safety as well as uptime for industrial assets.

Circuit breakers and fuses are two of the most widely-accepted types of protection. While circuit breakers have the benefit of reusability, the quicker operation of fuses make them an appropriate choice for I/O protection. In addition, fuses are better at blocking let-through energy, providing better protection for downstream devices. Therefore, wherever quickness is a priority, fuses should be preferred over other modes of protection.

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Topics: PLCs, Industrial Automation, Remote I/O

Can Machines Benefit from Software Configurable I/O?

Posted by PanelShop.com on Jun 27, 2017 10:28:08 AM

Improving Efficiency & Speed in the Automation Industry

Parallel programming has always created issues for the the programming industry. Coming towards the pragmatic workings of the automation industry, the processes are often trapped within a loop that makes use of the same block of code iterative. Software configureable I/O is an up and coming concept regarding automation that can greatly improve the efficiency and speed of a process.

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Topics: PLCs, Industrial Automation, Remote I/O

Troubleshooting Your PLC

Posted by Javan Kalmar on Dec 5, 2016 8:05:12 AM

Programmable Logic Controllers have revolutionized automation since they appeared forty years ago. They have proven themselves more reliable than the plethora of relays that they replaced, using reprogrammable digital logic to make troubleshooting easy. But when something is going wrong on the floor and you have to figure out what it is, it would be great to know how to find the problem. Luckily, you have PLCs which you know are easy to troubleshoot!

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Topics: PLCs, Remote I/O

Industrial Grade Push Buttons (Siemens Sirius ACT)

Posted by Samantha Polons on Sep 25, 2015 2:37:23 PM


Siemens’ new line of Sirius Act pilot devices is composed of high quality, easy to use products that are perfect for simple start/stop stations or for advanced operator controls in the harshest environments. This one line of pilot devices will meet all of your needs and has improved Siemens’ existing line by offering new communication options, product innovations, and style, and it is incredibly simple to configure and install. If you’re not sure where to begin, PanelShop.com has the expertise to guide you through the features and selection process. 

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Topics: Product Reviews, Operator Stations, Remote I/O

Trends in Industrial Automation

Posted by Shelby Klick on Jul 8, 2015 11:12:56 AM

Slowly but surely the Automation industry is making advances.  Some areas of improvement like safety and efficiency seem to be second nature, while others such as mobile information and cloud systems can take some time adapting and using. Nonetheless, it is important to keep up on industry trends in order to advance your business and stay ahead of the competitor.

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Topics: PLCs, Safety, Industrial Automation, Future Industry Trends, Energy Savings, Cost Savings, HMI Panels, Remote I/O

I/O Choices for Machine Builders Enhance Flexibility

Posted by Julia Nelson on Mar 30, 2015 2:38:00 PM

Remote I/O modules are used to personalize systems and are absolutely vital when it comes to communicating between and monitoring systems. These days, growing numbers of available I/Os and various combinations of modules can be used to solve a single problem, which creates flexibility. I/O modules are the solution to many problems that can arise across a system: production errors, malfunctioning parts, inefficient operation, etc. 

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Topics: Safety, Remote I/O

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