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Industrial Grade Push Buttons (Siemens Sirius ACT)



Siemens’ new line of Sirius Act pilot devices is composed of high quality, easy to use products that are perfect for simple start/stop stations or for advanced operator controls in the harshest environments. This one line of pilot devices will meet all of your needs and has improved Siemens’ existing line by offering new communication options, product innovations, and style, and it is incredibly simple to configure and install. If you’re not sure where to begin, PanelShop.com has the expertise to guide you through the features and selection process. 

Rugged Protection

The Sirius Act line meets the highest protection rating of IP69K, so these will hold strong against dust and dirt, 360° direct sprays from high pressure and high temperature water jets, oils, corrosive fluids, and submersion in water. This means you can even install these devices outdoors in a wash-down area with no worry of damaging the pilot devices or components inside the enclosure.

 Flexible Communication

While the old or standard wiring practices still work, you can now directly connect from the pilot device to the controller via AS-Interface. In addition, you can connect to the control panel with IO-Link, and soon, Profinet interface will be available. By switching to communication connections, the pilot devices are quicker and easier to wire, which should reduce errors, and the communications allow the function of the device to be more flexible and easily modified.


Siemens has expanded their product range and offers more options than ever. On top of their full line of standard pilot devices (push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, etc.), Siemens has added new products such as a sensor switch, 4-position rotary knob, potentiometer, toggle switch, duo-LED pilot light, and an ID key-operated switch.

The ID key-operator switch offers a new method of operator protection. Instead of needing login and password lists for different users, this key switch offers up to 4 Ievels of protection. A worker can walk up, insert their color coded ID key (log in), make their changes, remove their key (log out), and move on to their next task. It’s quick and simple, and the key is small enough to clip onto a keychain.


The Sirius Act pilot devices have been redesigned to offer new styles and products. To help give the controls a sleek new look, a flush style has been added for 30mm devices. A new matte metal finish has also been added, so it’s not just a choice between black plastic or the shiny metal look. Color options have been expanded to include black, red, amber, yellow, green, blue, white, and clear, depending on the product.

Configuration & Installation

Siemens has added an online drag and drop configurator to help you pick out your parts or build an enclosure assembly. You can see pictures of the device you configured, and if you’ve made one in the past, you can type in the CIN order number to pull up the parts. This makes it easy to select the exact part you needed, and makes sure you have all of the little pieces that go with it: actuator, holder, contact blocks, and LED modules.

Installation has also never been easier. The components are made for one hand snap on connections. The contact blocks easily snap on and can be stacked. There is also 100% twist prevention by screw fixation, and the devices can even be snapped into place when in a slanting position.

The Bottom Line

The new Siemens Sirius Act line is a powerful and flexible group of pilot devices that meet a wide range of control needs. As a certified Siemens Solutions Partner, PanelShop.com can help you select the devices you need without breaking your budget.

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