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The Mobile HMI

Posted by PanelShop.com on May 10, 2017 8:04:57 AM

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Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a core component of any SCADA or industrial automation system. Siemens is already an industry leader in all state-of-the-art smart technologies ranging from PLCs to Intelligent Drives to HMIs and supportive software.

Mobile HMI Panels are Siemens' way of implementing more performance, quality, scalability and reliability within an industrial environment. Available in two options, wired or wireless, Siemens Mobile HMI panels can provide an efficient monitoring and control platform in any corner of your area while cutting cabinet-space and other associated requirements of a full scale computer.

SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels are built on the stability of SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels, and are primarily built for satisfying user demands of convenience and flexibility. However, no compromise has been made on either processing or graphics performance.


The Wired Simatic HMI Panels contain illuminated emergency buttons for prompting the system to STOP or perform other predefined functions. In addition, flexible analysis options allow the user to control each individual element sent over by the server, for in-depth monitoring. Built for all kinds of industries, the Mobile HMI packs 4, 7 and 9 inch displays and 16 million colors, 16:9 aspect ratio displays ensuring detail-rich visualizations are not missed out.

To support Siemens’ claim of stability, the Mobile Panels have underwent quality tests by the American Bureau of Shipping, obtaining various certificates solidifying its status as an established product in industries. Development of applications for these Mobile Panels is as simple as any other, with the use of Simatic WinCC as well as other components of the SIMATIC TIA.

Lastly, the panels have minimal requirements for space, even though they are wired and in quantitative terms only require 1/3rd of the space of a conventional box. Additonally, the panels are mountable outside control cabinets or may be placed at any part of the plant as long as the connections are online.


As for the Wireless Panels, the display is limited to 8 inch while TFT touch 64k colors are available. But as the name explains it all, the capabilities of wireless data transfer embeds the device within the definition of portability and convenience.

Wireless Panels are limited to 6MB of user space, which may seem as a cut but in fact is enough for more complex projects. In order to guarantee error free transmission for high-level processes, the panels communicate in a “Rapid Roaming” mode. This mode ensures zero interruptions, while notifying the user of any warning that may lead to disconnection of data.

Compared to wired units which are most certainly mounted, wireless units are usually hand-held and thus are vulnerable to falls. Siemens has therefore made them extra durable, giving them IP65 standard of protection. The batteries are powerful enough for long-lasting operation even in industrial environment with varying physical conditions.


Both these devices have brought the industrial world one step closer to mobile-integrated HMIs capable of performing monitoring, control and automation. Nevertheless, the Simatic Mobile HMI Panel is space-concious, durable, error-free and flexible enough to bring distributive supervisory control compared to a sluggish centralized one.

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