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The 4 C's of Continuous Improvement Manufacturing



Most people, when asked, will always answer that they hope to improve. But few commit to the shift in attitude and specific steps that actually result in improvement.

Continuous improvement manufacturing operates the same way. For a continuous improvement process to successfully reduce waste and trim costs, management has to bring the entire team on board.

That means being proactive and celebrating incremental successes. Continuous improvement manufacturing relies on a company culture that makes employees feel accountable, empowered, and engaged. When management invests in the workforce and provides positive feedback on employee improvements, it motivates the team to buy into continuous improvement as a whole.


To combine accountability for goals and a positive culture of growth, consider the following 4 C’s of continuous improvement:
  1. Continuous operator training and education
  2. Clear and frequent communication about upcoming changes
  3. Chances for employees to ask questions or offer ideas
  4. Consistent positive attention to successful improvements

The 4 C’s contribute to accountability by fostering value in existing team members rather than whittling down the workforce as a shortcut to savings. In the long run, no upgrades to machinery or production method adjustments can replace the value of a team committed to continuous improvement manufacturing.

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