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Five Questions to Ask When Selecting an Outsourcing Partner

Posted by PanelShop.com on Jun 7, 2017 10:12:35 AM

Outsourcing items not directly in your line of specialty can help ensure overall quality and reduce costs. But outsourcing is also the biggest possible vulnerability of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). A single little item can hold up the whole large project if the outsourcing contractor defaults in timely delivery. And a single small outsourced item can ruin the project if it does not have the requisite quality. The smallest glitch in timing, or quality can irreparably damage the reputation of the most established OEM.

So, should we stop outsourcing? No; sometimes it is the wisest course. Outsourcing is necessary, but with due caution. The following are some important questions you must answer about your prospective outsourcing contractor.

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Topics: Cost Savings, Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity, Quality

Noise Mitigation for Control Panels

Posted by PanelShop.com on Jun 6, 2017 3:18:44 PM

Electromagnetic Interference is a common phenomenon in a world which is embedded with electrical circuits. In a nutshell, EMI or Radio-frequency Interference is a disturbance that is generated by an external source like power lines, variable frequency drives, magnetic contactors, etc. effecting electrical circuits in its proximity.

With the increasing requirements for space saving control panels, the risk of Electromagnetic Interference is bound to increase, adding complexity to their designs & shielding techniques.

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Topics: Custom Control Panels, Industrial Automation, Quality

The Importance of Testing Your Motors

Posted by PanelShop.com on May 31, 2017 2:25:00 PM

Are you properly testing your motors?

The importance of motor insulation testing should not be pushed aside or neglected.  Making sure the insulation around the motor is still working efficiently is just as important as checking motors and testing their performance.  This insulation is susceptible to dirt, moisture, temperature, vapors, oil, and aging. However, if the insulation is not kept in good condition, it can cause motor failures, which is much more costly and damaging, then simply testing and taking care of the insulation itself. 

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Topics: Safety, Cost Savings, Quality

Increasing Treatment Capacity in Water/Wastewater

Posted by PanelShop.com on May 23, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Unnecessary Waste

Every year, the world discharges 2 million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste, polluting waterways and directly killing 1.8 million children from waterborne diseases. This statement alone should be enough to encourage an effective framework for increasing a country’s capacity to treat wastewater for a healthier environment.

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Topics: Safety, Industrial Automation, Quality

Common OEM Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by PanelShop.com on May 16, 2017 9:54:52 AM

Careless outsourcing can become an extreme weakness for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Here are some common mistakes an OEM may commit while outsourcing.

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Topics: Cost Savings, Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity, Quality

Tips for Technical Employee Excellence

Posted by Michael Rukavina on Jul 13, 2016 11:17:03 AM

It is seen as a challenge for companies to keep the employees with the appropriate skills. Developing technical skills can be crucial to putting your company above competitors. Employee satisfaction is an attribute that you have control over, and therefore you must take action by putting your employees through proper and effective training.

Workers who feel that they are good at their job feel a sense of job satisfaction and on the contrary people may feel unmotivated if they don’t think they have the opportunity to progress. Companies have a bird’s eye view of each employee and it’s the company’s responsibility to evaluate them to make sure that they have the proper skills to perform their job.

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Topics: Quality

5 Technical Writing Tips for Excellent Documentation

Posted by Tristan Gibson on Jun 15, 2016 11:20:23 AM

Communication is essential in any industry. Good verbal and written communication skills are highly valued by employers, especially in today's multidisciplinary teams.

Still, it can be hard to find workers in technical fields with strong written communication skills. Engineers with proven experience in good technical writing are highly valued. Effective writing can increase the clarity and coherence of communication with audiences or user bases. Ineffective technical writing can lead to confusion and frustration and can even drive users away from products and projects that you are trying to promote or document.

Since clear, solid communication is invaluable in the engineering industry and for project documentation procedures, here are five tips to follow in order to strengthen your technical writing:


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Topics: Quality

Electrical Testing: 15 Terms You Should Know

Posted by Ryan Breen on May 25, 2016 11:00:00 AM


There are many terms to know behind electrical testing and maintenance that demonstrate an electrician's expertise.  Below are 15 of the most commonly used terms in basic electrical testing procedures. Whether you're looking for electrical testing solutions or brushing up on your own recall, these 15 terms are need-to-know.

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Topics: Safety, Quality

Control Panel Testing: Multimeters vs. Scopes

Posted by Michelle Szemanski on Apr 28, 2016 2:34:50 PM

Since the industrial world first integrated with electrical control, methods of measurement have played a central role in testing and repair. Today, the two most commonly used measurement tools are the oscilloscope and the multimeter. What are the differences between scopes and multimeters, and when should you use them?

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Topics: Custom Control Panels, Quality

Control Panel Building: All About Wires

Posted by Michelle Szemanski on Mar 30, 2016 9:08:33 AM

Whether you’re a panel builder yourself or seeking a control panel partner, it’s important to know the basics of control panel wiring. Selecting the correct quality and type of wire, then arranging them by professional standards and the best practices will ensure a durable, high-performing end product.

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Topics: Custom Control Panels, Quality

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