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Additive Manufacturing: The Tech of the Future is Here


Whenever a new technology is first discovered, its potential impact can’t be accurately judged. While 3D printing and other forms of additive manufacturing are still very young, there are already great advances in the production of parts and systems. New uses for 3D printers are emerging in many different fields from 3D printing foods to 3D printing prosthetics on the spot for patients.

One thing that is sure is that 3D printing is only going to get more and more common as well as efficient. Because of how often these printers and similar forms of manufacturing will be used, it could be time for your company to start switching to the new way of manufacturing parts quickly, and in the most cost effective manner.

Some reasons to switch to forms of additive manufacturing include:
  •         Fast and easy production
  •         Cost efficiency
  •         Modernization
  •         Potentials


Better Production:

In the future, it is likely users will be able to download part CAD files and then immediately print the part. This will make life a lot easier for companies who build machines as they can download a part at any time and have it finished in a very short period of time. Anytime of course also includes non-work hours and weekends. This will not only help the company who needs the part, but will also most likely help the sales of the company selling the CAD files because they can get additional sales where the transaction is instantly completed.

Cost Effective:

When a company prints parts, they save on shipping costs, labor costs, as well as the invaluable factor of instantly having the part. When the part doesn’t need to be put together by a worker or by a machine, it significantly lessens the price.


In automation, it is important to always use the best and most efficient equipment. The sooner your company moves towards adopting forms of additive manufacturing, the easier it will be to adapt to future change in the industry, and the sooner you can use future advances in additive manufacturing as soon as they are discovered.



While not all possibilities of additive manufacturing can be seen, some like improved productivity, reduced need for outsourcing, and reducing lengths of supply chains are practically assured. The numerous possibilities created through additive manufacturing means that by modernizing to these forms of technology, your company will be able to change to meet many possible needs of the future.


How can you streamline your company for the future of manufacturing?

3D printing may not be a solution for every machine builder, but the impact is already rippling across a range of manufacturing industries. At IMTS 2014, the world's first 3D printed car came to life. At IMTS 2016, what new technology will demonstrate innovative, faster, more efficient ways of manufacturing?

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