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3D Printing: The Big Transition in Manufacturing

Posted by Greg Kinzler on Oct 13, 2016 10:49:15 AM

Competition drives innovation, and the manufacturing industries haven’t seen competition this intense since the invention of an assembly line in 1913. While 3D printing, also know as additive manufacturing, has been around since its early invention in 1986, it is just now becoming a cost effective and reasonable way to manufacture goods. The transition from traditional methods of manufacturing to 3D printing is coming faster than most might think.

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Additive Manufacturing: The Tech of the Future is Here

Posted by Ryan Breen on Sep 1, 2016 11:03:47 AM

Whenever a new technology is first discovered, its potential impact can’t be accurately judged. While 3D printing and other forms of additive manufacturing are still very young, there are already great advances in the production of parts and systems. New uses for 3D printers are emerging in many different fields from 3D printing foods to 3D printing prosthetics on the spot for patients.

One thing that is sure is that 3D printing is only going to get more and more common as well as efficient. Because of how often these printers and similar forms of manufacturing will be used, it could be time for your company to start switching to the new way of manufacturing parts quickly, and in the most cost effective manner.

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4 New Frontiers in Advanced 3D Printing

Posted by Javan Kalmar on Jun 22, 2016 10:36:41 AM

3D printing has made its way into many industries recently – in the arts, and to prototype figures, toys,  and products of every kind. It’s a cheap technology that isn’t limited by the complexity of design.

With the advancement of the tech, there are now processes for 3D printing with metals such as SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and SLM (Selective Laser Melting). Metal 3D printing is the fastest growing segment of additive manufacturing processes, with ripple effects in at least four major industries.

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The Cutting Edge of Additive Manufacturing

Posted by Alan Kuffner on Jun 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM


Additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing, has been around since the 1970s when methods were developed for adding material layer-by-layer to form an object generated from a 3D computer file.  Over the past ten years 3D printing has rapidly grown into one of the biggest trends in industrial automation, and now you can even buy a 3D printer for your home.

Additive manufacturing is commonly underestimated as limited to plastic polymers for prototypes and testing 3D models. However, new innovations in the techniques of adding and forming material are changing the way 3D printers will impact manufacturing. Some of the cutting edge methodologies include stereolithography and laser sintering and melting.

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Topics: Additive Manufacturing

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