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Three Issues to Look at in System Controls

Posted by PanelShop.com on May 3, 2017 9:24:23 AM

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With new technology advancing the flow of data and connecting every machine with algorithms and sensors, there are so many new possibilities for improving production.  But what comes along with all these monitors, tracking systems, sensors, and devices?  Large amounts of data.  

Without determining what data is most valuable and filtering through the massive amounts of incoming data, the purpose of these tracking systems gets lost.

Tracking production and quality of the products is part of the goal when implementing the Internet of Things and data systems into a manufacturing facility.  In order to follow through with this though, the right data needs to be read and optimizing algorithms need to be implemented.  The following are three major areas to look into when trying to optimize the Internet of Things (IoT) in a manufacturing plant.

  1. Data flow can become so overwhelming.  As more and more devices are connected to the Internet of Things, there will be large amounts of data flowing through every second during operation.  A company should consider upgrading the main operating system or cloud storage that the system is controlled and centered from to work with the data amounts in the system.  For this reason as well, intelligence devices should be a barrier on the edge between the machines and the main control center.  These devices can filter the appropriate data through to make it more useful in optimizing the system.
  2. Connectivity of the setup needs to be optimal in order to process the large amounts of data.  The sensors on pumps, motors, and meters are not meant to connect to the Internet of Things and need to be translated to the main operating system.  This causes a shift in between the data of currents and voltages being relayed to the internet network.  It is important to find proper channels to relay these messages through, otherwise the network system will not have a purpose because it needs to be able to communicate the details of the machines to know where to optimize or what machines are malfunctioning.
  3. Constructing the network is the last area to consider while implementing the Internet of Things.  As mentioned before if the machines do not connect properly and efficiently to the control center, then the purpose of the system is lost.  When constructing the network it is important to include those connections, but to also make sure that all aspects of the system work with it and that proper algorithms are implemented.  Making sure that software is able to go through the massive amounts of data and find patterns in the information to determine any issues is important in the functionality of the network.

Overall, implementing system controls into your facility can drastically improve your efficiency and production, but with the above items kept in mind.  To find out how you can work to properly add system controls into your plant go to PanelShop.com today to talk to one of our specialists.

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